Secret #67 – Does Santa have any pets?

“He sure does! There are all kinds of animals in the Village. Santa and Mrs. Claus take good care of them – they LOVE animals. In fact, they tend to be a little more generous with kids who take care of animals too,” explains Sanoma the Chief SpokesElf of Santa’s Village.

Santa can communicate with animals just like the Hoolhojas (the elves who take care of the reindeer) do. He addresses them just like he would any human or elf, and all animals truly adore him.

Santa’s Furry Friends

There are lots of wonderful animals that live in the North Pole, where Santa’s Village is. They include the clever arctic fox, the happy arctic hare, the energetic snowshoe hare, the dependable moose, the funny polar bear, the busy puffin, lot’s of dogs and cats, and of course, the reindeer.